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About Me
Welcome to this website, about, Me! I have always wanted to refrain from publishing too much information about myself and have previously developed non-personal (but also non-business) websites. However I feel that now, I have arrived at a juncture in my life where having a website about myself, my skills and my abilities, will be an incredible personal advertisement.

The most desirable of my abilities, is that I am highly versatile and can apply myself to many different things. You might call me a "Jack of All Trades". Unfortunately that phrase has the undesirable connotation of "Master of None". I like to advertise myself as perhaps more of a "Jack of Selected Trades Mastering Anything that I like".

This becomes evident when you look at my history and see that I am indeed versatile and put in 110% to everything. For example, I am a skilled computer programmer. My main commercial experience in the realm of computing has been in programming Retrieve 4GL for Sage Line 100, and programming in a language called DataFlex (from DataAccess). This software is console based, a far cry from the Visual Basic experience I gained in college. I had no prior knowledge of DataFlex, or Sage Line 00, but applying myself in my work, I was able to master these languages fairly quickly. I consider myself to be a master at DataFlex and have devoted a section to my DataFlex talents.

While I will not ignore DataFlex in furthering my career, I feel that DataFlex has somewhat hindered my progress. In college, I was a skilled Visual Basic developer, developing many professional looking database applications. However a few years has passed since my time in college, my Visual Basic skills are a little rusty, Im too honest, and my path back into Visual Basic, or even website development is blocked by the irremovable gate with the placard "Three Years Commercial Experience Required".

This is why I truly believe now, that if I can show the world my talents on this website, that my personal experience, and my qualities will never be ignored.

As I said previously I am too honest - perhaps too honest for my own good. I know my limitations, but in knowing my limitations, I know that there are things I want to learn. I strive on learning, acquiring new skills and bettering myself. I am capable of working as a team, and also by myself. My website building abilities demonstrates my capability for learning under my own steam. I am a hard worker, who can fit in, in virtually any situation. I can be serious, and have fun at the same time!

Thanks for taking the time to read this site. If you want to get in touch, you can email me here.

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