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So far, I have amassed nearly three complete years as a DataFlex developer. During my time developing software in DataFlex, I have developed some unique and innovating software and controls. Software that performs well, works fast, is functional, easy to use, and good looking to boot.
FLIST Main Menu

I was able to setup Linux on a machine and run DataFlex under a DosEMU session. One of the problems I found here was that DosEMU couldn't access the file locking mechanisms correctly, and the license file for DataFlex could not be bit locked. However Linux encouraged me to write programs that were more streamlined. Using DosEMU introduced a huge speed overhead into the running of programs, but if I could get a program to run relatively quickly on Linux, it was sure to be lightning fast under a normal MS DOS session.

Among some of the software I developed under DataFlex there was a showcase for my skills that I personally developed at home called FLIST (or File LIST). Designed as a replacement to the DataFlex utility, DFBROWSE, the software was written completely from the ground up and does not use any Object Oriented code at all (apart from arrays for storage of information).

In developing FLIST and working from the ground up, I have developed selection lists, multiple selection lists, message boxes, menu systems and various other custom controls that can be seen working within the software. I hope to introduce some more screenshots to this site in the near future.

FLIST Quick Edit Feature

The DFBROWSE model was recreated to ensure familiarity. I produced colums of data, with a highlight bar to scroll up and down the screen. Each key press (up, down, left, right, tab, shift-tab, page up, page down etc) were all meticulously hand coded allowing the necessary scrolling to function.

Further developments were also coded. These included a multiple selection list, to view only the columns of data on the screen you want to see. I also developed a Quick Find utility, and Quick Edit (no longer do you need to Edit the whole screen of information, just Ctrl-E will allow you to edit whichever field you are currently on).

I am very proud of FLIST, and I hope to have some more information here soon regarding the software, and hopefully introduce a download section.

Here is FLIST showing a field selection screen. Here you are able to select the fields you want to display. FLIST Field Selection
By pushing the space bar, you are able to grey out selected fields that you want not to display. Here we have made out selection. One of the fields we dont want to display, is RECNUM. FLIST Fields Selected
After pressing enter, you are now confronted with the chosen fields FLIST Fields Displayed
Here is an edit window Edit Window
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