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Computer Programmer
I think it is my commitment to my work and to myself is what makes me a brilliant programmer. I am keen to do the best for the company I work for, and keen to expand myself and my abilities. This is perhaps one of the reasons I became so advanced in DataFlex.

Unfortunately, my unusual skills is what hangs like a noose over my head. I am a DataFlex programmer. I have written things in DataFlex and developed controls and procedures that other people have not even thought about. Unfortunately, there are not too many business that have a requirement for DataFlex programmers. I am versatile, and keen to learn and want to get into programming in some other languages, such as Visual Basic, if I could find a company that would give me a chance. That is one of the reasons for this website!

I am a quick learner and can learn by myself. My prior experience with Sage Line 100, DataFlex and my personal experience with HTML and PHP should demonstrate that. I believe I will prove myself to be a valuable addition to any team.

During my years at college, I have completed coursework in COBOL and Visual Basic. It makes me weep when I realise that my Visual Basic projects have been obliterated. I had developed some great projects and show my professional skills even at that time.

After college, I moved into my first job, programming Sage Line 100 in Retrieve 4GL. In this job, I also expanded my skills as a Visual Basic developer. My next job, I moved into DataFlex. I also developed the companies website.

Aside from my commercial experience, I have a great wealth of personal experience in developing websites using HTML, Java, JavaScript, CSS, SSI, Perl, PHP and MySQL.

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