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With my musical influences, of Rush, The Muffs, Queen, Fleetwood Mac and They Might Be Giants, I think its fairly obvious that I do not have a taste for chart music. I believe there is a requirement for non-chart polyphonic ringtones. That's what I want to develop, if I can get enough cash together to buy a ringtone license so I dont get busted.

So I'd love to let you have some samples, but due to copyright issues, I cannot. I can let you have a copy of Im a Dick though (Kim said I could). I have produced the following polyphonic ringtones:

  • They Might Be Giants - Boss of Me
  • They Might Be Giants - Til My Head Falls Off
  • They Might Be Giants - Why Does the SunShine (The Sun is a Mass of Incandescent Gas) STD Version
  • Rush - Distant Early Warning
  • Rush - Roll the Bones
  • Fleetwood Mac - The Chain (aka BBC Formula 1 Theme Tune)
  • The Muffs - Im a Dick
  • The Muffs - Lucky Guy
  • (C)2003 - Simon Dean